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Green Dragon, Crimson Lion

Lucie Lukačovičová: Green Dragon, Crimson Lion
Czech original: Zelený drak, karmínový lev
Published by KONEKTOR XB-1, 2015
Hard Cover - ISBN 978-80-905300-3-4


A suspenseful tale set in the period of the reign of Emperor Rudolf II in Prague. The main characters are alchemists Dee and Kelly, but also other real historical figures: Dee´s wife Jane, Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel and his servant Joseph, and their opponent Germanicus Malaspina, a cardinal and bishop of San Severo. They fight a fierce battle for the mysterious box full of red dust, because they are convinced that it is the Crimson Lion powder used to turn lead into gold.
Historical facts give background to an adventurous fantasy genre, playing with the idea of ​​transmutation, immortality and magic (figure of Fiametta,  gypsy oracle, or character Lucjan Walery Ostoj, who are also part of the magic,  not to speak about  Joseph, who is better known as Prague Golem)
The book is complemented by an  extensive work by  Dr. Františka Vrbenská on Rudolf II and mysteries of science, including natural magic and alchemy,  in the period of Renaissance in Prague of 16th and beginning of 17th century.   The study brings new, previously unpublished findings about the legendary alchemists Sir Edward Kelley and Dr. John Dee and describes their stay in Bohemia and their role in the spy network of Queen Elizabeth.

A Czech writer Hanina Veselá recommended the book for Christmas market 2015:
Environment of my favourite period, Prague of the Emperor Rudolf II, the cheating magister Kelley as one of the main characters, detailed well researched  comments by Františka Vrbenská who explores Kelly´s  life full of hardships under microscope.