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Burning Horse

Lucie Lukačovičová, Františka Vrbenská: Burning Horse
(in Czech original Hořící kůň)
Publishing House: Epocha 2017
paperback, 440 pages

ISBN: 978-80-7557-077-2

Burning Horse is a novel that takes place in Spain of the 11th century. Medieval Spain was a stage where Muslim and Christian influences were constantly matched, which was partially caused also by the fragmentation of the area. We can follow the adventurous story about the love affair of Basque archer Iranzu and the orphaned squire daughter Brisca who unknowingly get involved in the high politics of kings and wizards and find themselves constantly threatened by death in the surroundings of a country in turbulence.  Colloquial speech of dialogues and poetic and archaic descriptions of nature and life in towns will convey to the reader the atmosphere of the time whilst  the story culminates in an surprising denouement.

The launch of the novel took place in Café Bar Elysium in November 2017.


First review in Czech: