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The Last God

The Last God

Publisher: Jules Verne´s Club, 2019
ISBN 978-80-87246-55-9
Pages: 320
Hard Cover, E-version
Cover: Jana Šteflová

Count Sangatte had no plans to hunt for God. On the contrary, he thought that if he settled in colonial India, he would have peace. He wanted to devote himself to his inventions and to  mysterious technologies lost long before the British entered India. He solved the social necessity of marrying by taking a wife of an immortal elf who had no human reasoning and no female requirements. Uninterrupted research ends abruptly when Sangatte receives a message from an old friend which unleashes an adventurous chase across India. Locomotives spit the steam, pirate airships cross the sky, hidden non-human nations reappear, and the members of a murderous sect gather in the shadow which should be lead by the last incarnation of a deity.

The author commented on her book:  As it is the case with all my books, it can be read in various ways. For example, as a thrilling story from an alternative 19th century India, where there is no lack of chases, battles with insidious stranglers, airship flights, or a steam car rides. But there is also a relationship of two main characters, which is tested for the first time in their coexistence – suddenly both the heroes find out that the other one has a completely different view of the world. I think many of us in the relationship have experienced that feeling in the relationship…  And the third option how to read this novel is to consider it a window into Indian history and mythology, superstitions and customs that prevailed in the 19th century, and mostly exist to date.


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