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Petra Lukačovičová - About the Author

Petra Lukačovičová (nickname Reinita, married Malečková)  was born  in Prague in 1984.  Her early childhood was spent  in Cuba, where she learnt how to ride a horse, how to swim and how to hold correctly a tennis racket. After returning to Prague she began to attend a basic school in Prague 7 (Františky Plamínkové school).  This school enabled her to develop her linguistic talents. After graduating at the high school Nad Alejí, she decided for law studies, although her desire to work in an international  environment  never left her.  This desire was fulfilled when after obtaining the Master Degree in law, she found a job in the  Industrial Property  Office, first in the legal, and later on in the international department.

Petra celebrated her first  success as a writer very soon. In the year 1997, she participated in a literary competition Salamandr organized within Miniparcon  and  she won - as an absolutely unknown thirteen years old girl -  the second place (in an anonymous competition of adults, some of them already well established writers). Since then she has written a number of interesting and successful stories and novels, some of them together with her sister Lucy.

A complete bibliography of her books will be added in the near future.

Portraits of an Artist as a Young Woman (paraphrasing James Joyce: A portrait of an Artist as Young Man)