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Novels by Lucie Lukačovičová

Organized from the oldest to the latest:

1. Murphy´s Law for Women upto 20 - 2004
(together with Petra Lukačovičová)

Publishing House Ivo Železný 2004
26 pages
ISBN 80-237-3894-1
Witty comments and aphorisms about life and love as teenager

2. The Time Masters - 2007

A historical fantasy on the background of Japan of 12th century, fight for power between families of Taira and Minamoto

Publishing House Poutník (Pilgrim)
Jules Verne Club 2007,
ISBN 978-80-85892-95-6 

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3. The Station Armida - 2012

Sci-fi mystery story – a space station where humans get in touch  with alien races, clash of various cultures, relations among humans at the background of murder investigation

Publishing House Poutník 2012
ISBN: 978-80-87246-33-7
EAN: 9788087246337

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4. Detective Agency Sirius - 2013

The employees of this agency investigate the cases where the accidents and tragedies  of  humans are caused by supernatural powers.

Publishing House Straky na Vrbě (Magpies on the Willow) 2013 edition Czech Fantasy
ISBN: 978-80-87364-37-6

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5. Secret Book of Chiaroscuro - 2011

An episodic novel – urban ghost fantasy which takes place in Czechlands, Japan and China

Publishing House Albatros 2011 (with co-authors)
EAN: 9788000026381

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6. The Journey of the Red Dancer - 2 parts


Part 1 and 2 - collective of authors Lucie and Petra Lukačovičovy

Captain Vicente belongs to experienced sailors who survived the war of the free City of Lekanta with the Asman Empire. Before him, there is  a passage with unknown cargo, behind him an ugly past. By coincidence he can acquire a strange precious stone called Red Dancer which has been desired by many… The book in two parts tells the story about precious stone the price of which is being paid in  blood instead of gold, about destinies marred by the Red Dancer  and lives either saved or broken or lost through it.

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7. Christmas Story - 2013

Lucie Lukačovičová - Christmas Story  
(in collaboration with Marek Dobes) 

In Czech original: Vánoční příběh
published by Alfedus 2013
216 pages, hard cover,
cover illustration Jan Dřevíkovský
CZK  290,-

8. Green Dragon, Crimson Lion - 2015

in Czech original: Zelený drak, karmínový lev
Published by Konektor XB-1  2015
Publishing House: Konektor XB-1
278 pages
Hard cover ISBN: 978-80-905300-3-4
Cover: Jana Šouflová

9. Burning Horse (with co-author Františka Vrbenská) - 2017


Czech original: Hořící kůň
Publishing House: Epocha 2017
paperback, 440 pages
ISBN: 978-80-7557-077-2


10. The Last God - 2019


in Czech Poslední bůh
Publisher: Jules Verne´s Club 2019

ISBN 978-80-87246-55-9

Pages: 320

Hard Cover, E-version

Cover: Jana Šouflová

Count Sangatte would prefer to live with his immortal wife from the clan of elves in colonial India at peace and dedicate himself to various inventions.  But he cannot refuse a request of a friend for help, especially as circumstances seem to be more than suspicious. The story is a mix of steampunk, mythology, history and adventure, written in a sophisticated language with a deep knowledge of Indian realia.

 11. The Law of Asylum - 2021
Zákon Azylu

in Czech Zákon Azylu
Publisher: Epocha, edition Fortress (Pevnost)
ISBN / ISSN: 978-80-278-0038-4
Pages: 320
Paperback and e-book edition
Cover Jana Šouflová

Benedict is an occultist, swordsman and renegade, living in present-day city of Prague. He broke up in a bad way with the Asylum Organization which secretly oversees the protection of the supernatural, fortunately not so bad that it would cost him his life. However, he doesn't want to give up protecting people from monsters, he just has his own ideas how it should be done.

12. The Blade of the Asylum - 2022
Čepel Azylu

Publishing House Epocha, 1st Edition
Paperback and e-book
115 x 180 mm, 320 pages
118th volume from the edition Fortress (Pevnost)
Cover: Jana Šouflová

ISBN / ISSN: 978-80-278-0090-2
EAN: 9788027800902

Free sequel to the 1st novel The Law of the Asylum from the world of Prague monster hunters, taking place not only in Prague, but also in Spain.