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Detective Agency Sirius

Author: Lucie Lukačovičová
Title: Detective Agency Sirius (Detektivní kancelář Sirius)
Jana Šouflová
Illustration: Helena Sedláčková
Publishing House Straky na Vrbě (Magpies on the Willow) 2013,

Edition Czech Fantasy -
Česká fantastika (93)
ISBN: 978-80-87364-37-6
Price: 235,- Kč (mail free of charge)

Reviews Detective Agency Sirius

1. A Review which made Lucy dance - on Art of Selection (Umění výběru) - in Czech

2. A Review in Goodreads, April 29, 2013: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17562905-detektivn-kancel-sirius#other_reviews – in Slovak
Translated into English:
“A very good interesting
book. At the end I was a little disappointed that it will probably continue and the characters which I loved will not be there any more.. . What blew my mind was how  all the motives  ended up mixed  together. I would compare it to the Nightside by S.R. Green in regard of the  variety of creatures and mysterious characters who pull the strings in order to achieve their goals.”

 City of Prague. The day turns into night, people walk in the streets and   among them unnoticed the beings which are not human or are only half human. However, somebody can recognize them…
The employees of Detective Agency Sirius are connected by their  willingness and ability to investigate cases in which the cause of human unhappiness comes from a supernatural source.
Cursed Albrecht, rune reader Margot, strongman Vidocq and insane beauty Sangria. They go on the trail of missing children, strange phenomena, driven by a desire for revenge or rescue. They travel to the edge, where humanity ends and an abyss of dreams and nightmares begins. And as it happens in bad dreams – many stories do not end well…

http://www.straky.cz/katalog.aspx?Action=Book&BookID=211 – for sale

Launch of Detective Agency Sirius (in Czech the procedure is called "baptism" of the book)