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The Law of the Asylum

Lucie Lukačovičová - asylum and Asylum are not the same things



The Law of the Asylum

Publishing House: Epocha 2021
ISBN / ISSN: 978-80-278-0038-4
EAN: 9788027800384
Paperback and e-book
Number of pages: 320
Illustrations: Jana Šouflová

Benedict is an occultist, swordsman and renegade, living in a present city of  Prague. He broke up in a bad way with the Asylum Organization, which secretly oversees the protection of the supernatural, fortunately not so bad that it would cost him life. He doesn't want to give up protecting people against monsters, but he wants to do it his own way. All he has left are his reliable weapons, good reflexes and a few contacts among the supernatural inhabitants of Prague, which are hiding from people. He is supported by a ghost of an eccentric antiquarian and a strange girl from a former Jewish ghetto. In addition, Benedict's more successful and respected brother, who continues to work for the Asylum, has returned to Prague - and soon a whirlwind of battles and investigations, magic and mysticism is spreading from all over the world, because the motto of monster hunters is "use whatever works and survive!"

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