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Short stories

Selection of Short Stories
by Petra Lukačovičová


Who Killed Daniel Wilson?
in: In the Shadow of Magic - anthology

Editors: Boris Hokr, Leoš Kyša
Publisher: Epocha 2019
623 pages
ISBN 978-80-7557-218-9

After the success of the anthologies In the Shadow of the Empire and In the Shadow of the Apocalypse, the editorial couple Hokr-Kyša decided to choose magic as the linking element of another book.  Magic is a perfect thing and it forms the basis of fantasy literature. The powers of magic, however, can vary greatly - they can be dark and mad, or beneficial to the mankind and to the owners. Around twenty stories contained in the anthology are as diverse as magic itself. Lucie Lukačovičová wrote for the anthology another detective story with the main character Avalon, Museum of Monsters, Petra Lukačovičová created a thrilling story Who Killed Daniel Wilson? The photos were taken on the occasion of launch and autographing of the book in the bookstore Luxor at the Wenceslas Square in Prague.

Who killed Daniel Wilson?

A story about a group of friends who, in the modern world, deeply believe in the existence of magic.  Each of them is practicing it in his or her own way - and perhaps that's why it works for them. Although they try not to misuse their gift, in some cases they seem to be left with no choice. However, conscience might be a tricky thing.



Four Kings
in: In the Shadow of Apocalypse
Publishing House: Epocha 2018
Pages: 584
Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-80-7557-156-4

The anthology of leading Czech authors of fantastic genre, dealing with alien invasions, mutated viruses, devastating wars and climate change.
Petra´s short story is called Four Kings. It describs Prague in a state of war, divided between rivaling groups which are trying to control the city or at least one quarter. Some of them will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. Others, however, are trying to do their best to help those who need it most. Self sacrifice and black humor of the characters that risk everything on one hand, a gloomy view  of the so-called foreign aid and tragic misunderstanding of the situation and selfishness on the other one.   How do people behave in extreme situations? How would we, the representatives of the generation which is not able to  imagine the war, react? All these issues are contained in the story of Four Kings.

Machine for a Production of Ravens

in: The Shadows of the Empire - anthology
published by Epocha 2017
ISBN13 9788075570833

Machine for a Production of Ravens loosely follows the short story Thorns in the Eyes. The orderly life (full of lies and secrets) of Loki's protegé  and a brilliant inventor is disrupted by the newly invented Nazi cult worshipping Odin. In addition, Loki's protegé is pursued by her former friends, whom she betrayed. 

Wings of Fame
in: "Triumvirat"

finished 3rd in the Holiday Writing competition organized by Triumvirate
(see triumvirat.cz) 2016

The Wings of Fame deal about a girl engaged in activities as a detective (which are sometimes not exactly legal).  Her partner is a ghost whom only she can see.  Once they get a contract to get an original of Albert Einstein dissertation, but a seemingly simple task turns into a very complex one.

The Most Beautiful Gift

in: 5th Czech Anthology of Horror
published by Ladislav Kocka 2014

"A short story with a chilling punch line, short and striking, about the woman who fatally exaggerates her love" (from reviews)

Thorns in your Eyes
This short story was published in the anthology "Dark Times",
whose editor was Martin Fajkus,
The story takes place in modern times, when people are gifted with supernatural powers of various deities, to protect humans  from the threat posed by the cult of perfection attained by  pain, not only by the own pain but also by the pain of others.

Tin Soldier
Tin Soldier was published in the second cycle of the Anthology "Role Playing Game Stories", with a subtitle "Steel and Blood" and tells us about struggle, war and heroism
(http://hryspribehem.webnode.cz/ )
The short story is based on the environment of RPG “Unknown Armies”, which describes the world of modern mysticism and postmodern magic.

The Dolls Killer

The Anthology "Role Playing Game Stories"includes works by famous and well-known authors, who in their stories represent a variety of RPG worlds. More information about the entire project can be found here: http://hryspribehem.webnode.cz/.  The Dolls Killer was published in the first anthology which appeared under the subtitle “Crime and Punishment", and focused on the themes of justice and revenge.


The short story, which was ranked 2nd in the competition Fantastic story, 2011. It has been nicely illustrated. http://fanzine.topzine.cz/fantasy-povidka-petra-lukacovicova-rozbresk

The Night created for Murder
This short story has been published in the magazine Fortress (Pevnost) No. 12 in 2003. It is a surreal horror pun, and tells the story about a forgotten man roaming in the streets of a forgotten city.


The House Where The Dead Are Dancing
This story belongs to the cycle of works set in the modern world, inhabited by supernatural beings, and follows the story  "What everything went black." It shows the dramatic events in New Mexico from the perspective of the local vampire community. The vampires in this world really do not lose their time by falling in love with human adolescent girls.  They fight among themselves within the rigid hierarchical structures - and have all eternity for this fight.  

What Everything Went Black
The plot of the story takes place in a world that is very similar to ours, but there are  supernatural beings living in it as well.  Some are basically harmless, others represent a threat to humans. Vampires clearly belong to the latter group – therefore they are being killed by hunters. But vampires dominate a significant amount of tricks to survive, while using mortals for their plans.

Last Tango in London
Written with her sister Lucie,  published in The Magazine of Fantasy 3/02

“Closed Eyes” and “Black and White Cat”
These two stories were written together with Petra´s  sister Lucie for regularly appearing anthology Dragonslayers. (Drakobijci).  Dragonslayers series has been issued annually and collects the best stories from the literary competition “For Gauntlet of the Lord Trollslayer, organized by publishing house Magpies on Willow. (Straky na vrbě).  So far ten of these anthologies appeared (as per 2015). The launch of the book always takes place during the Cons organized in the Czech Republic.  Closed Eyes were published in the year 1999, Black and White cat in the year 2001.


The one who beholds is struck dumb
Petra´s debut short story as far as the official press is concerned was published in the collection Fatal War (GUMRUCH, 1999).