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Lucie promotes Mercenaries of Fantasy

15.12.2015 15:41 Age: 6 yrs

Lucie promotes Mercenaries of Fantasy

Seven collections of quality fantasy stories

Since 7 years, the publishing house  Magpies on the Willow (Straky na vrbě) has been organizing a competition in the best fantasy short stories. Or shall we say since 16 years, as it continued the tradition of Dragonslayers collections?

Lucie had her short story published in most of the resulting anthologies - which shows that her range of fantasy is very wide :-). She decided to promote "Mercenaries of Fantasy" as it is a unique project in difficult conditions of the Czech book market.  

The latest anthology "Mercenaries of Fantasy: Intelligent Glaciers and Other Freaks":
Žoldnéři fantazie - Inteligentní ledovce a jiné zrůdy | Straky na vrbě

Complete set of anthologies "Dragonslayers", previous incarnation of "Mercenaries of Fantasy" can be obtained:
Drátobijci| Straky na vrbě

At the same time Lucy would like to wish to all the readers and fans of her books Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.